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DOWNLOAD Rules of Play.PDF


You can only move around the board when THE GATEKEEPER is not on screen.
Whenever he appears everybody must stop, listen carefully and do exactly what he says. If he calls on you, you must answer “YES! MY GATEKEEPER!”. Failure to do so could result in punishment.
If he demands you roll a certain number before you can play again, you must wait for your turn to come around each time before attempting to rollthat number. You can only make one attempt each time your turn comes around.


Starting from your own headstone, roll the dice and move clockwise around the board on the outer track.

You can choose to roll one or two dice each time, unless instructed otherwise by THE GATEKEEPER or a Fate card.



ATMOSFEARgame board inside track.png

The Inside Track consists of the six radial tracks leading
to the Inner Ring surrounding the Well of Fears. 
On the Inner Ring only, you can travel clockwise or anticlockwise to reach the Well of Fears.
You cannot change direction of travel on the Radial Tracks. You can use the Inside Track as a shortcut at any time, but if THE GATEKEEPER catches you there without all six keys, watch out!


When you land on a stone marked with a key you may take a key from that realm. For example if you land on the stone marked with a yellow key in Khufu’s realm, you can take one of the yellow keys. If all six yellow keys have already been taken, you cannot pick up a key from anywhere else.

Whenever THE GATEKEEPER instructs you to “take a key” you must collect it from the realm you are in, unless he specifically instructs you to take it from somewhere else.

Place the keys in your rack facing towards you. Hide the colours from your opponents to protect any valuable ones against loss, in a duel for example. You can collect as many of each key as you like, but you need at least one key of each colour to win the game.

Once all the keys of a colour have been taken from the board you can only obtain them from your opponents by winning duels, through Time and Fate cards, or by instruction from THE GATEKEEPER.




If you land on the Black Key you must pick it up.  This key is cursed. As long as you have it you cannot win the game, even if you have one key of each colour. 

To be rid of the Black Key you can try to lose it in a duel. If your duelling opponent rolls the higher number, hope that it is the cursed key they choose from your rack (see Duelling below)

You can pass the Black Key to another player when your pieces both occupy the same stone. Simply hand it to them and declare that they are now cursed.

If you are handed the Black Key while waiting on the stone outside the well of fears, on your next turn you must roll the dice and continue moving around the board. 

The black key can not be removed from the game. If the Gatekeeper instructs you to remove a key from the game, it must be one of the 6 coloured keys.

black key stone.png
black keys_game02.png



When you land on your own headstone you may roll the dice. If you roll your own number you can take a key from your realm. However, if you are sent back to your headstone by either THE GATEKEEPER or another player, this action is not permitted.

When another player lands on your headstone you may also roll the dice. If you roll their number you can take a key from that player.


Black Hole stone.png

The two stones on the outer track marked with black swirls are Black Holes. If you land on a Black Hole, or are banished to one by THE GATEKEEPER, you are temporarily out of the game. You cannot duel or respond to THE GATEKEEPER. 

You can be freed from the Black Hole in the following ways:

• Each time your turn comes around, roll the dice. If you can roll your own number you are released and can continue playing on your next turn.
• THE GATEKEEPER releases you.
• You have a Fate or Time card that releases you.
• You have the key from your own realm. (Eg You are Elizabeth Bathory and you have a red key.) You can always be released from the Black Hole as long as you hold this key.
In each case, you must always move first to the nearest Black Hole and wait there for your next turn before you can be released.


duel stone.png

When you land on a Duel stone (a stone marked with the crossed daggers icon) you can call a duel with another player. Roll one die each and the player who rolls the higher number takes a key from the loser. 

You must have at least one key before you can duel.


Flight Stone.png

When you land on a Flight stone (the wings icon) you can move immediately to any other Flight stone on the board.


Fate cards.png

When you land on a Fate card stone (a skull icon), or if THE GATEKEEPER tells you to take a Fate card, you must pick up a Fate card, follow the instructions immediately then return the card to the bottom of the pack.


Time cards.png

When you land on a Time card stone (a clock icon), pick up a Time card. The time on the card relates to the time on the screen.

If the time has expired the card can no longer be used. Otherwise, wait for the time to appear on the screen then activate the card immediately.


The Chosen One is selected by THE GATEKEEPER to act as his eyes and ears and perform other special duties from time to time.
It is the job of the Chosen One to:
• make sure that players adhere to the rules,
• adjudicate on any disputes, and
• whenever a player reaches the Well of Fears, remove a fear and read it out loud.

If it is The Chosen One who is waiting at the Well, the player on their left must select and read out the fear.