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Setting Up


ATMOSFEAR™ is best played at night. Dim the lights and design your own eerie environment.

Turn up the volume on your home entertainment system.
The ATMOSFEAR™ App has a spooky sound track that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck.


The game requires one portable device (mobile phone or tablet) to run the game.
This is the “Main Device”.

Players may also install the App on their own portable devices, and keep these
“Extra Devices” beside them, in case the Gatekeeper has a personal message just for them.

First download and install the ATMOSFEAR™ App

System/Device requirements:
iOS player requires iOS 10 or higher.
Android: OS 5.1 or later: ARMv7 CPU with NEON support or Atom CPU; OpenGL ES 2.0 or later.

04HOME - side menu@0,5x.png

Set your device or devices to Do Not Disturb.
Mirror the Main Device to your TV screen via Apple TV or Chromecast.

Launch the app on all devices.

On the Main Device, open the side menu to set up your preferences for sound and subtitles.
Now press PLAY on all devices and follow the prompts.


Set up the board in front of the TV so all players have a clear view of the screen.
Place the 6 sets of 6 coloured keys on the board in each of their realms of corresponding colour.
Place the Black Key on the black key stone on the outer track.
Shuffle and place the TIME and FATE cards in two piles, face down, beside the board.

Well of Fears

Each player must write their greatest fear on a slip of paper and place it in the Well of Fears.
Do not reveal it to any opponent.
Place the Well of Fears in the centre of the board.

Choose the character you will play by selecting a playing piece.
Put your playing piece on your headstone. This is your starting place.
One player hands out the key racks, without looking at the numbers.
The number on the rack you receive becomes your number for
the duration of the game.

Everyone now has a character and a number.

When everything is set up and all players understand the rules of play,
you are ready to play the game.

Tap SUMMON GATEKEEPER on the Main Device screen

This will summon THE GATEKEEPER.
When he asks who is playing, tap on the characters to tell him which characters are in the game.
He will also elect the Chosen One. 

Finally he will ask the Chosen One to start the game by rolling the dice... and the countdown to zero will begin.