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The Dice

You can choose whether to roll one dice or two to move around the board. So, for example, if you’re very close to a space that you’re trying to land on, you’ll only roll one die.


Winning Keys

Did you know… (to be written)


The Inner Track

You’re only allowed to use the inside track if you have at least one key of each colour.
You could try cheating of course, but the Gatekeeper hates cheats and has granted The Chosen the power to punish cheats. 

 More to come…

ATMOSFEARgame board inside track.png



Do Not Disturb

The Gatekeeper won’t be happy if his game is interrupted by any incoming
calls or messages.
So remember to set your phone or tablet to DO NOT DISTURB, maggot!


For the best atmosphere, you want the Gatekeeper to appear on your large TV screen with surround sound, so you’ll need to mirror your device to your TV or screen.e text.

It’s easier if you set up mirroring before you launch the app.

 Android: How to mirror the app to Chromecast using the Google Home app.

 iOS: How to mirror the app to Apple TV using AirPlay.