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The Dice

Remember you can choose whether to roll one or two dice two to move around the board. If you’re very close to a space that you’re trying to land on, for example, you’ll only want to roll one die.

You don’t need an exact number to reach the well of Fears. So if you’re racing to the well, you want to roll high, little maggot, to maximise your travel speed.


Winning Keys

Did you know that if you happen to land on your own headstone in the course of your journey around the board, you can roll the die?
If you roll your number, you can take a key from your realm.

BUT not if the Gatekeeper or another player sends you back to your headstone.
You can‘t have everything.  

The power of your own key.png

The power of your own key

You need to collect one key of each colour. But the key of your colour is special to you.

If you are banished to the black hole, you can use your own coloured key to release yourself the next time your turn comes around.

And you get to keep the key! Don’t feel too happy about it though. The Gatekeeper hates happy maggots.

The power of your own key.png

The Black Key

If you get the black key you’re in deep, deep trouble.
You can’t win the game.
It’s pointless going on.
The Gatekeeper would like you to give up.

But… he’d also like you to share the misery. So stay alert.
As soon as your piece ends up on the same stone as another player’s piece, pass on the curse to them!
You’re free!

For now at least...

the Black Key.png

The Inner Track

You’re only allowed to use the inside track if you have at least one key of each colour.

You could try cheating of course, but the Gatekeeper hates cheats and he’s given The Chosen the power to punish you.

So, go ahead. Cheat… at your own risk! 

ATMOSFEARgame board inside track.png

Racing to the Well

On the inner ring you are allowed to move anti-clockwise.

That’s good to remember if you’re on the inner ring and need to take the shortest route to that stone in front of the Well of Fears. Time is ticking!  



Do Not Disturb

The Gatekeeper won’t be happy if his game is interrupted by any incoming
calls or messages.
So remember to set your phone or tablet to DO NOT DISTURB, maggot!

But keep the ringer volume up to MAXIMUM for maximum atmosphere.


For the best atmosphere, you want the Gatekeeper to appear on your large TV screen with surround sound, so you’ll need to mirror your device to your TV or screen.e text.

It’s easier if you set up mirroring before you launch the app.

 Android: How to mirror the app to Chromecast using the Google Home app.

 iOS: How to mirror the app to Apple TV using AirPlay.