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The Gatekeeper
- Guardian of the Graveyard


The Gatekeeper, traditionally the guardian of the graveyard, can manifest himself at any time, in any form - although he prefers his comfortable, tattered, old shroud. He is ugly, cranky and mean spirited; but with good reason. As sentinel of The Other Side, The Gatekeeper’s determined duty is to keep six creatures of doom imprisoned beneath a crypt.

These creatures represent the things that we fear the most, are the stuff of our nightmares, and each has a name and a history so frightening that they have been isolated and imprisoned in their own separate terror-tories. Barred from the corporeal world, the Vampire, Witch, Werewolf, Zombie, Mummy and Poltergeist, must wait, impatiently, for a chance to escape their bad-tempered warden, and return to this earthly dimension to once again wreak havoc on us mortals.

Meanwhile, the life of a sentry can be pretty dull - especially if you're immortal. So now The Gatekeeper invites you to face your worst nightmare: Assume the identities of these six beings and challenge him in a contest that is bound to get personal.

And as you turn the volume up and the lights down, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Countess Elizabeth Bathory
- The Vampire

At the beginning of the 17th century, in the towering Slovakian Castle of Cathtice, lived a countess of unequalled vanity. Driven by her desire to remain the most beautiful woman in the land, Elizabeth Bathory would feed upon the innocent young townsfolk she lured into her chambers. Parlour games such as ‘The Iron Maiden’ were a castle specialty, as this black widow liked to poke more than just fun at her guests - and she turned out to be a body piercing master!

In a small town, however, news of strange behaviour travels faster than the plague and it wasn’t long before Elizabeth was captured, tried and banished to The Other Side - which would be enough to make anybody see red. Here the only thing she kills is time while praying for her time on earth to come again.

Eat your heart out, Elizabeth.


Baron Samedi - The Zombie


Meet Baron Samedi, the Voodoo VJ who could dance up a storm with his entourage of lost souls. With a dark sense of humor and a darker sense of fun, The Baron always encouraged fresh blood into his frightclub ‘The Cathedral Of Jive’.

‘Everybody’s welcome! it doesn’t matter if you are a somebody or a nobody. Just as long as you’re a body!’ was the slogan for his relentless membership drive. So it was wise to beware of invitations to join in his Hokey Pokie dance, because when the Baron called for you to ‘put your right foot in’ – he meant it literally!

Then one night, while out soul searching, the Baron had his own membership abruptly cancelled. Imprisoned now in the rancid green glow of The Other Side, all he can do is dance to the music inside his head under the ever watchful eye of The Gatekeeper.

Any last requests?

Gevaudan - The Werewolf

Beware of the dog! History tells of the Great Beast who terrorized the mountain regions of 18th century France. La Bête du Gevaudan was stricken with lycanthropy, a disease that made him ‘loup-garou’ (Werewolf) with razor sharp instincts and teeth to match. Once this sickening plague was in his blood, the desire to pass it on could not be satisfied. Driven by a constant craving he roamed the countryside on moonlit nights, sampling the local cuisine.

Many tried to capture and kill the Great Beast and many failed, but eventually an experienced wolf hunter claimed success and Gevaudan's earthly rampages ceased. Instead this sick little puppy now stalks his blue prison, sniffing the air and waiting for his time to come again.

Blue is supposed to be calming. Sit boy, sit!


Khufu - The Mummy


During his 23 year reign, Khufu built the Great Pyramid at Giza - a fitting monument to the monster ego of this self proclaimed Father of Death. The plans for his afterlife were as grand as his tomb and, embalmed or not, Khufu was going into the next life in style. So when the tomb raiders broke down the sealed walls of his burial chamber they unleashed not only the mummy's curse but the spirit of the shyster Pharaoh himself.

Khufu was back: with opportunity, fame, fortune…….and his own TV show. The megalomaniac mummy turned the Valley of Kings into Hollywood on the Nile - a casino here, a pyramid scheme there, and handful of curses on the way.
It was all good.

With such a high profile, of course it wasn't long before they tracked him down and pulled the plug on his show, leaving him to ponder another 4 millennia of cramped, yellow, sandy conditions somewhere on The Other Side.

Let's call it a wrap.

Hellin - The Poltergeist

Hellin was born so angry that she smacked the doctor back! It was hardly surprising then that after a brief, tempestuous life this little infant trouble–maker threw a tantrum so fierce that it pushed her over the edge.

Out of the bedroom and into the afterlife, Hellin now had a new haunting ground, a rancid playroom, where she would never have to pick up her toys and there was no such thing as bedtime. Quick to discover her new gift, she took to visiting the living in their nightmares, and terrified her unwilling victims so effectively that some simply never woke up.

But all good things must come to an end and one night during the execution of a particularly nasty dream, she was trapped and banished to The Other Side where she now waits, impatient and purple with rage, for her time to wreak havoc again.

So many Nightmares – so little time.


Anne De Chantraine - The Witch


If "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned",
you should see one scorched!

Anne de Chantraine was one of the first women burnt on the stake during the Great Witch Hunts of Europe. At 17 years of age in a village in Belgium, this unusually pretty young thing was tried, proclaimed a witch, and promptly roasted.

With a temper now as hot as the flames that took her from rare to well done, this flying firestarter sought revenge by cooking up a storm and lighting fires across the countryside.

But playing with fire can be dangerous and, in a careless moment, Anne was caught leaving yet another smouldering disaster site. This flying pyromaniac now ponders her career choice from her solitary confinement, surrounded by the orange flames she dreads the most.

Anyone got a light?